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Kahr Arms/Auto-Ordnance launches Paintball Marker Division

August 2, 2002

Kahr Arms/Auto-Ordnance, manufacturer of a high quality line of innovative semi-auto pistols, 1911 pistols and the world famous "Tommy Gun" is starting a paintball maker division. The first offering from the New York based company will be sold under the Auto-Ordnance brand and will be called the Vector M1.

Main components for the Vector M1 will be manufactured at the Kahr plant in Worcester MA with other components being produced by affiliated plants in Chicago or Los Angeles. Kahr's parent company, the Saeilo Group, has been involved in precision contract metalworking since 1983 for a number of industries; including aerospace, semiconductor equipment, medical and firearms. The Kahr plant in Worcester, MA is ISO 9002 certified for quality standards. Kahr plans to utilize its considerable manufacturing expertise and quality standards in the production of the Vector M1 paintball markers.

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